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Confirmed Screenings

Other Films We Will Choose From

We will pick from the following list aiming for one film every other week (occasional exceptions may apply!).  If you want to contribute to our decisions, pick up to 6 from the options below.

Spring Term 2020 Poll

The Committee have a number of things to take into account when selecting out screenings. Primarily we have to balance: Where we get the licence. (This impacts Cost of the licence and there are several optionsand impact how we promote the screening) How soon after release the film is available (impacts the price) WHat other local clubs are showing (impacts the price and how many people will have seen it already) A wide selection of genres.

To that extent we are looking to elicit local preference, though we cannot guarantee that the most liked option will be selected. We are therefore asking ask you to fill in the following form to select your preferences. Logged in members get 6 votes. Visitors who are not members and logged in get one vote.